Yishun Swimming Lessons

Yishun Swimming Lessons

Swimming Lessons at Yishun SG

Learning has no end! 

It is absolutely limitless!

Equip your child with the right foundation and technique. 

Let us impart a lifeskill! A skill which will save their lives and help them save others.


Yishun Swimming Lessons – An Opportunity for Kids to Explore a New Skill

At SwimTeam Prakash, we cater group classes and private lessons for children aged 5 to 15 and adult lessons (ladies / mixed group) at Yishun Swimming Complex.

Our NROC certified Coaches teach all the 4 strokes, stroke mechanism and survival skills. Basic pool safety and drownproofing is the main and primary lesson covered. We ensure that our students feel confident and safe to indulge into a swimming regime at the convenience of their pool by end of the lessons, be it private or group classes.

We use a proven methodology that simply works brilliantly on our students. Our Coaches help our students understand the key concept of safety and overcome any fear in water.

Our customised lessons are tailored to meet each and every students’ needs.

At SwimTeam Prakash, we create awareness, opportunities and water survivors.

Our school provides SwimSafer 2.0 Certification and Lifesaving Certification recognised and issued by SportsSG