Swimming Lesson at Woodlands Singapore

Swimming Lessons Woodlands

Swimming Coach at Woodlands Singapore

Subject to changes due to Covid-19. For more information please contact SwimTeam Prakash

Swimming lessons at SwimTeam Prakash at Woodlands Swimming Complex creates a wonderful opportunity to every aspiring swimmer.

Be inspired and learn a lifelong skill from our NROC certified swimming instructors. Learn water safety, drownproofing and a skill to save others around you.



SwimTeam Prakash offers a wide range of swimming lessons at Woodlands Swimming Complex that undeniably gives you the most exciting experience. You will not only learn a lifelong skill but you will also gain enormous knowledge about this wonderful water activity. Our friendly and patient instructors will build your confidence and knowledge.

There are also group and private classes for adults and parents. Our friendly and patient coaches will help each and everyone to build a strong foundation equipped with skills and safety. At SwimTeam Prakash, we cater to everyone’s needs and ensure we equip everyone with the best knowledge of water safety and confidence.