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Hi, my name is Sabari Greessan. I’ve been learning swimming with Mr Prakash for 8 years now. Mr Prakash is a dedicated and awesome Coach. At first, I did not know how to swim and felt so scared of water. But with Coach Prakash’s guidance and motivation, I was able to overcome my greatest fear and am proud to say that I am a good swimmer today. Our current Coach, Ms Kia Yuen is also a very dedicated and motivational Coach. With all her guidance and blessings, I’m confident I can overcome any challenges ahead in the coming years. My sincere thanks to both my Coaches.

Sabari Greessan

Hi, my name is Priya Harini. I’ve been learning with Sir Prakash for 8 years now. His lessons are always fun and meaningful. He always teaches in a way that I could understand easily. I’ve never regretted coming for his lessons. I’m blessed to have been under his guidance. As for my current Lifesaving Coach, Ms Kia Yuen, she is Gem of a Coach not to be missed. Not only is she a motivator, who lives by examples, she understands us very well and tailors her lessons to teach us something new every lesson. Lessons conducted at SwimTeamPrakash is fun and joyful!

Thank You!

Priya Harini

I have been a student of SwimTeamPrakash for 6 years now. Under Mr Prakash’s guidance and lessons, I have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. Throughout the course of lessons, I have learnt how to push myself and I’ve also improved my endurance by a lot. I would like to thank Mr Prakash for having such a great impact on me. As for my current Lifesaving Instructor, Ms Kia Yuen, she is a very jovial and funny person. Even though she can crack jokes, we still learn from her. Even though we lose focus sometimes, she does not give up and always gets our attention very quickly. When I am doing something incorrectly, she does not shout, but instead, explains to me very patiently. She has high expectations for us and I hope to achieve them.

Thank You!


Hi, my name is Vinay Vanjre Ravi. This is my 3rd year I have been going for swimming lessons. Mr Prakash taught me for one year and helped me complete my Gold Award. Mr Prakash is extremely dedicated and has guided me patiently. I was thus able to learn from my mistakes. My current Coach is Ms Kia Yuen. She has made lessons extremely fun and also motivates me thoroughly to do well. Her explanations and demonstrations are very easy to understand and I have improved tremendously in my swimming in terms of speed and knowledge. I am currently learning rescue skills for swimming and I have learnt a lot from Coach Kia Yuen.

Vinay Vanjre Ravi

I really enjoy learning from Coach Jeanie. She is  friendly and very encouraging. Coach Jeanie is patient when she teaches the swimming techniques. When she individually points out about our credits, I feel confident. There will be key points to remember at the end of the every class.
I would like to extend my heartfelt thanks to you, Coach Jeanie.  I started my classes feeling that ‘swimming is an exercise’, but now it has become my stress reliever.

Sharmi Gopinath

Swimming was definitely not in my list when I arrived in Singapore when my husband got posted here. While relaxing and sun tanning near the condo pool, I saw this macho Indian guy who was passionately teaching two adults to swim. I saw he was very passionate and patient explaining to them in the blazing sun!!!
That prompted me to take my first lesson. I would not put my face in the water or get into the pool unless I could feel the bottom of the pool.

Today I swim twice a week and have also entered my club’s swim meets. Thanks to Prakash Krishnan, I am now confident and love my swimming.

Mrs Daniella Wilson

I learned under Coach Prakash many years ago when i was young. Even though i only took lessons for a few years, I am still now able to swim faster and stronger than most of my friends, many of whom are regular swimmers! The lessons were always well prepared and expertly directed. I would strongly recommend Coach Prakash to anyone who wants to learn proper swimming technique!


I started learning from Prakash when I was 20yrs old. As a child,  I was unfortunate to experience to near-drowning experience that gave me a phobia of learning to swim till adulthood.

Prakash was very encouraging and motivated me to want to continue swimming till today.

He gave me the confidence to work through my mistakes in the pool. Today I say all this as a student who is now able to say I have overcome my fear of drowning.


Mr Prakash came in highly recommended. We had the privilege of experiencing his exemplary dedication towards teaching when we sent both our children to his class. His firm yet kind approach has given our children the kind of learning experience every child deserves. Prakash has not only taught them the skills but also instilled in them a love for swimming. We thank Mr Prakash for this and will always remain indebted to him.

Anoop Rajashekar

I am working as an Engineer and living in Singapore for last 15 years.

I met Mr. Prakash for my son’s swimming class. My son learned swimming from Mr. Prakash and achieved Gold certificate level. I noticed my son’s interest in swimming was increased day by day because of his coaching method and individual care with each student. After that, now I have also joined his adult swimming class and am learning swimming. I am able to swim in frog style within three months. It’s because of his coaching method and encouragement.

Now, I am also currently learning freestyle and going on. He is very professional in teaching and encouraging students. I have notice adult girls and women (of all races) learning swimming from him. It shows his comfort and care with all students. I am praying to God for his good health and happiness and also to find out swim talent from growing Singapore.

Arul Solai. Engineer

I am Lakshan and I have been learning swimming under Coach Prakash for nearly 4 years now. He is a very kind and dedicated Instructor. When I started coming for swimming lessons here, I barely knew how to swim. I did not have the courage to swim far distances but after a few months, I started swimming confidently. Our current Coach, Ms Kia Yuen is also a very dedicated and caring Coach who has very high expectations on us. I have learnt a lot about lifesaving in just a few months training under her. Her explanations are extremely clear and her teaching techniques are superb. I love swimming because of my two very good Coaches.


I have been a student of SwimTeamPrakash for 7 years. Because of Mr Prakash, I have learnt many skills in swimming. When I was introduced to swimming, I did not even dare to enter the water. Due to Mr Prakash’s guidance, I am now a confident swimmer and I have achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. I would like to thank Mr Prakash for guiding me. As for my current Coach, Ms Kia Yuen, she has high expectations for me and my friends. She pushes us to do more laps as she wants us to do well in our tests. Therefore, I would like to sincerely thank my two Coaches for guiding me throughout my 7 years of swimming.

Thank You!


I remember when I first started out swimming at the age of  7, I was very scared of water and did not dare to even enter the water, but through Coach Prakash’s guidance, I am a confident swimmer having achieved Bronze, Silver and Gold Awards. I am very thankful to Mr Prakash for teaching me how to swim. Next, I would like to talk about my Life Saving Instructor, Ms Kia Yuen. My first impression that she gave me had the vibes of a good teacher. She teaches us patiently, trains us vigorously and cares for us. Her lessons are engaging and interesting. It really piques my interest. Another thing I like about Coach Kia Yuen is that she pushes me to my limit every lesson. I hope that she will continue being that way.

Love you lots.

Jun Han

I have been swimming under Coach Prakash since 1995 since I was in kindergarten. Before I started to learn the basics of how to swim from him, I was suffering from asthma. I was coached with thorough attention given to my weakness that enabled me to soon leave behind any breathing difficulties I had faced in my youth. I soon developed strong, powerful lungs and cardiovascular performance.

Mr Prakash’s exemplary coaching style was firm yet fun and enjoyable throughout my time with him. I looked forward to my swimming lessons every week. I felt motivated to get faster and better because of his teaching and my own observations of the benefits I was reaping on my health because of learning and improving on swimming.

Some of the best things about his coaching are as follows
1) He was always extremely mindful of the safety of his students, especially those who may have a fear of the water.

2) I was always observed by my coach no matter where I was in the swimming pool. And as such, I was able to receive constant feedback on my stroking and therefore able to improve quickly

3) The swimming lessons were very fun and remain till this day, as really good memories. I could interact with peers and some of them remain my friends till today.

4) I was always recommended and provided with good and safe swimming equipment throughout my training.

5) There is no one-size fit all system. Students of different abilities are able to learn at their own pace and comfort level without feeling pressure or being left out.

6) He was ALWAYS motivating and encouraging and funny. Making the learning experience a breeze. He is by far the most patient teacher I have ever had in any field.

7) Mr Prakash always treats everyone with respect. He inspired me even when I was 5, to do better to live up to that respect.

Today, 20 plus years after he first led me into my first swimming pool, I am a confident swimmer in any situation. I am healthier and fitter because of swimming under Coach Prakash for so many years. Because of the training I received from Coach Prakash, I have had the confidence to complete my STA, Advanced Scuba Diving Certification and my Lifeguard Certification.

I have acquired a valuable skill, a safe injury free way to exercise, and a means of employment thanks to learning swimming under him.

Prahlad Kunalan
History | School of Humanities & Social Sciences
Nanyang Technological University | Singapore

Prahlad Kunalan

My kids were under Coach Prakash’s training. He is such a disciplined instructor, who got them to complete the entire course with of course days of laps, after laps of tiring days with his touch of love. They still talk about him.

Bathmavathi Krishnan

My boy, Harry had his maiden lesson with Prakash. Truth be told, I was impressed with his patience.

It amazed me how quickly Harry was able to hold his breath under water and begin the motion to swim. Thanks to Prakash for being an absolute swim coach. I will highly recommend him to everyone who is keen in learning how to swim.

Harry overcame his phobia of water. Prakash has made the lessons productive for my boy. His coach is EXCELLENT! He is attentive to the ability of every student.

We are very happy with my son’s progress. Thank you teacher Prakash.

Mrs Mandarina Isabella Sashen

My 11 Year old youngest girl has been with Coach Prakash since she was P1. From a non swimmer who was scared of water, she has attained her Gold Standard and could even swim Butterfly now!

My 2nd girl has special needs and has difficulties coordinating her movement. Coach has been very very patient with her. Similarly, from being afraid of water, she now looks forward to swimming lessons every Tuesday.

Well done Coach!

Julie Loh Chia Joo

My 2 girls have been with Coach Prakash for more than 2 years. They are not the athletic type and have been slow learners due to lack of attention and focus. Coach Prakash has been very patiently teaching them the proper techniques and strokes. Now they can swim independently and with confidence. Will definitely recommend him to anyone who needs a good and patient coach.

Evelyn Toh