Swim Team Prakash - Good Rating


What should we bring for the first lesson ?

Cap, goggles and kickboard can be purchased with a waterproof bag (Swimming Starter Kit) so
you only need to bring
1. Swimming costume
2. Toiletries for showering (eg. towels, shampoo, conditioner, body soap)
3. EZLink card to enter the pool
4. Drinking Water

How long is each class?

Due to COVID’19 restrictions, classes are 45 minutes.

How to enter the pool for lessons?

SportSG Swimming Complex entry tickets have to be paid using an ActiveSG account, which can be accessed through an app on your phone. Please assist your child to open an ActiveSG Account and top up this account. For entry into the pool, please use the ActiveSG QR code from the app (handphone). Alternatively, your child may use his Student Pass or IC barcode to scan in to enter the pool. https://members.myactivesg.com/auth/register

What is the minimum age for group classes?

Five years old and above.

What is the minimum age for private classes?

Four years old and above.

How many students are there in your group swimming lessons?

Due to COVID’19 restrictions, currently, there are 8 students to a Coach per class.
Normally there used to be 10 students to a Coach per class.

If it rains what should I do?

Group Class: Classes are as usual on rainy days unless informed via SMS by SwimTeam Prakash.
Our Coaches will be conducting Theory Lessons (in preparation for online tests) & Land
Exercises (to build core muscle strength) during rainy days/pool closure. No replacement classes
or make-up lessons will be provided for pool closure caused by lightning risks.
Private Class: Contact your respective Coach, minimum of one hour before class starts, and make
arrangements according to the Coach’s availability.

If I miss class, is there a replacement?

No replacement or makeup lessons are provided for absenteeism unless there is an MC provided
and/or we are informed prior to the lesson timing. We will consider replacement lessons on a case
by case basis

Who do I inform ahead of the lesson if my child is unable to attend the swimming lesson?

Group Classes: Inform SwimTeam Prakash via WhatsApp

Private Classes: All four lessons should be completed within 30 days from the first lesson.
Cancellation of classes should be informed 1 day prior (to the Instructor). Absenteeism or
last-minute cancellation of classes is considered a lesson. Make-up lessons will be advised
according to coaches’ availabilities

Are classes conducted on public holidays and the fifth week of the month?

No lessons will be conducted on 5th week, Public Holidays, Eve of Chinese New Year &

Do we have trial lessons ?

We usually do not have a trial lesson. However, we can provide a paid trial lesson if requested.

Can I have extra lessons during the holidays?

Yes, extra lessons can be provided if requested by parents. However, do take note that there will
be additional charges depending on the frequency of extra lessons.

Can I request for a female instructor?

Yes, you can, depending on the availability

Are all your swimming coaches certified ?

Yes, all our SwimTeam Prakash Coaches are NROC [National Registry of Coaches] Registered.

What do I do if my child has an injury that needs months to recover from (like a fracture or broken bone)?

1. A medical certificate should be immediately provided to SwimTeam Prakash
2. In order to keep your child’s slot, fees for the next month must be paid in advance [for further
enquiries do contact SwimTeam Prakash]

If I am going overseas, what will happen to the classes I have missed?

Students who wish to take a month’s break (or more) are strictly required to pay half month’s fee
in advance before the travel date and inform the respective Coaches of their travel plans.

Do we teach in private pools ?

Yes, we do. For further information please contact SwimTeam Prakash

When is my child ready for the next test?

At SwimTeam Prakash, we believe that every child has a different pace of learning and that one’s
age must also be taken into consideration. As such, for a more personalised and in-depth
explanation about your child’s progress, please speak directly to their individual Coaches

After SwimSafer tests are there any other awards?

Yes, there are many other awards. We provide training for Singapore Swimming Proficiency
Awards, Lifesaving 1, Lifesaving 2, Lifesaving 3, Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation and Bronze

How are fees paid?

The fees are paid via debit or credit card through a link sent by SwimTeam Prakash

Are there refunds if I decide to stop class halfway through this month or if I miss a class?

As stated in our Terms and Conditions, students are required to give one month’s notice prior to
their suspension of classes. In general, there are no refunds for SwimTeam Prakash swimming
classes. The decision to refund any amount will be made at the sole discretion of SwimTeam
Prakash on a case-by-case basis. A copy of a medical certificate (MC) or other relevant documents
will be requested by SwimTeam Prakash.