Private Swimming Class in SG

Private Class

Private swimming class

Private Class

We offer the SwimSafer™ 2.0 programme, a 6-stage progressive programme, for our kids.

The SwimSafer™ 2.0 programme aims to teach swimming proficiency and water survival skills to children to minimize drowning incidences in a fun manner.

The six-stage programme includes survival skills that are progressively
taught at each stage.

At the end of each stage, each child will receive a stage completion e-certificate.

Rate$360/4 Lessons
2 Students – $180 each
3 Students – $160 each
4 Students – $140 each
Age4+ onwards
Max number of students/class4
Frequency of classesOnce a week
Duration/class45 mins

SwimSafer 2.0

SwimSafer 2.0 Stage 1


The objective is to develop confidence and independence in the water, learn general and deep-end water safety. Techniques taught include the forward and backward movement, safe entry and exit, and personal water safety.

SwimSafer 2.0 - Stage 2


General skill development includes unassisted step entry into the water, sculling, feet first surface dives, personal water safety skills as well as water safety in aquatic environments. One of the goals is to achieve 25 metres of continuous swimming.

SwimSafer 2.0 - Stage 3


Entry skills such as the stride jump will be taught. Skills include sculling, underwater skills and putting on a personal flotation device (PFD) whilst in water and swimming with it. One of the goals is to achieve 50 metres of continuous swimming.

SwimSafer 2.0 Bronze


Development of student’s stroke techniques is a focus here, along with coordinated breathing in deep water. This stage sees the introduction of throw rescues and more personal survival skills. One of the goals is to achieve 100 metres of a variety of strokes.

SwimSafer 2.0 - Silver


Fundamentals of diving will be introduced. Development of personal survival knowledge will continue with a situational context of swimming quickly away from a sinking boat. Students will be required to demonstrate efficient stroke techniques by swimming a variety of strokes over 200 metres within a given time frame.

SwimSafer 2.0 - Gold


Students will be required to perform a variety of strokes with efficiency over 400 metres within a given time frame for each stroke. Personal survival skills like making use of clothing to make a personal floatation device and swimming with them, putting on a life jacket in water, and demonstrating the Heat Escape Lessening Posture technique will be taught.


Singapore Swimming Proficiency Award (SSPA) Logo


  • To provide progression for swimming after SwimSafer
  • To raise the level of swimming proficiency of students and the general public
  • To increase the level of technical expertise among our swimming coaches
  • To provide a talent pool for the next generation of Singapore competitive swimmers
SSPA Level Table
SSPA Level 1
SSPA Level 5
SSPA Level 2
SSPA Level 6
SSPA Level 3
SSPA Level 4

Life Saving

Lifesaving 1, 2 and 3 are introductory levels of lifesaving. It aims to provide and develop skills and knowledge of water safety. It equips learners with various lifesaving techniques ranging fromland-based non-contact rescues to resuscitation rescues in water. It is preparatory to the Bronze Medallion.

SLSS Resuscitation (CPR) course provide hands-on experience in the lifesaving techniques of Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation (CPR) and equips learners with skills to provide crucial emergency care. This is a pre-requisite for Bronze Medallion.

Bronze Medallion level aims to establish a basic level of proficiency in knowledge, understanding and practical ability for aquatic rescue situations. This certification is mandatory for those seeking a career in the aquatic field (ie, becoming a lifeguard or swimming coach). It also builds the foundation to other higher level awards in lifesaving (eg, Pool Lifeguard, Patrol Lifeguard)

Life Saving 1 Badge
Life Saving 2 Badge
Life Ssving 3 Badge
The Royal Life Saving Society - CPR Resuscitation Badge
Bronze Medallion Badge