Adult Girl Swimming Lesson

Adult Female Group Class

Swimming Lessons - Adult Girl Group Class

Adult Female Group Class

Our Adult Class is a 8-session introductory course to learn basic swimming & drownproofing.

We strongly feel that part of the duty of an adult is to be equipped with the ability to rescue any child from danger. Through this, we also hope to create a safer pool environment as we would have more adults on the lookout for any child from drowning.

Sculling & Body Orientation

  • Recover from a face down float or glide to a standing position.
  • Recover from a back float or glide to a standing position
  • Introduction to Floatation Survival Technique (Drown Proofing)
  • Basic Breast Stroke

Phase II

  • Introductory to Free Style Swimming
  • Leg Kicking, hand pull, breathing technique, stroke correction
  • Threading Water & Drown Proofing
Swim Team Prakash - Safety Checklist
Swim Team Prakash - Safety Checklist
Rate$300 /Month (Public Pool)       $320/Month (Condo Pool)
Age15 onwards
Max number of students/class10
Frequency of classesOnce a week
Duration/class45 mins