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How Learning Different Swim Strokes Benefits Your Child

At SwimTeam Prakash, we are committed to equipping your child with the best environment possible so they can learn to swim while feeling secure and at ease. Before progressing to more advanced swimming techniques, each of our students must master some fundamental lifesaving water safety skills, including becoming familiar with the various swim strokes. Although it takes time and patience to master different swimming strokes, doing so has many benefits.

Let’s look at the benefits of learning different swim strokes for your child:


1. Minimises risk of swimming injuries

By learning various swimming techniques, you can train more muscles in your body. When you are not constantly putting stress on one specific area of the body – something that usually happens if you were to apply the same swimming stroke repeatedly – the risk of injury from swimming, or any athletic activity, can be minimised. As a result, swimming using various strokes can give you a more balanced musculature and lower your risk of harm in the future.


2. Makes swimming more enjoyable

Many people enjoy swimming as a leisure activity. Learning a variety of swim strokes can improve one’s interest and passion for swimming, thanks to its variety. Performing the same swim stroke all the time is not always enjoyable, it can even be too strenuous for the body. Students can be challenged to achieve their objectives and gradually improve their swimming by learning new strokes. 

In addition, students may also perform better in their favoured swimming strokes by learning a new stroke. For instance, the balancing techniques developed for the front stroke or freestyle swimming are also necessary for the backstroke. Similarly, a swimmer’s breaststroke can be greatly improved by using the body undulation required for the butterfly technique.


3. Helps swimmers become more competitive

Finally, learning various swim strokes can be very helpful for swimmers who want to join a swim team or participate in a triathlon. Learning to swim freestyle enables swimmers to go farther and quicker than if they were to swim exclusively breaststroke. In addition, a swimmer may have better visibility when switching to breaststroke than they would have in a freestyle swim. On top of that, if a swimmer gets fatigued swimming in a certain style, they can always switch to the backstroke, which gives them a chance to coast and rest.


4. Aids in building different muscles

The physical strength that swimming develops in both kids and adults is one of the sport’s major advantages. Healthy bones and improved balance are aided by good muscle tone, which is crucial for young children. Even if your child chooses to concentrate on a different sport besides swimming, learning various strokes develops various muscles that are functional to any other physical activity a child engages in.

By practising various strokes, one develops muscle groups that might not otherwise be well-developed, such as those needed for some strokes, which require a more powerful kick, and others, which require stronger shoulder or back muscles.


5. Builds confidence from goal-setting

Children who are learning to swim and are active in sports frequently have greater confidence than other kids. This is primarily because setting goals is a big part of swimming and sports in general. Children who are just beginning their swimming lessons will need to master specific skills before moving on to another class; therefore, they are aware of the objectives they must attain and the standards they must meet. 

Children’s confidence can be greatly boosted by setting and achieving goals, which can also encourage them to set goals for other areas of their lives in the future.

6. Trains children to meet challenges

Learning various strokes in swimming encourages children to overcome obstacles because mastering a new stroke can be quite a challenge. But mastering the fundamentals of each stroke makes learning new ones much simpler. Children are more likely to be able to meet challenges or take on tasks that seem daunting in school, with friends, or when learning other skills unrelated to swimming once they realise that they can overcome challenges in swimming lessons. 

When children realise they can survive jumping into the deep end, they will know that anything is possible.

7. Helps children find their preferred swimming style

Learning all the strokes is the best way for a child to determine which stroke is their strongest or which one they enjoy competing in the most. Even though it’s crucial for kids to learn all the strokes, it may quickly become clear which strokes a child excels at. Without mastering them all, it is impossible to determine which stroke a child specifically excels at. If your child has demonstrated interest in swimming competitively, some strokes will be more exciting and inspiring for them to train harder to improve.



After learning the different swimming strokes, your kids would undoubtedly have one or two swimming stroke styles that they would favour over others. However, it’s important to cover all grounds when mastering the skill of swimming, whether as a life survival skill or as a competitive sport. At SwimTeam Prakash, our vision is that our students will emerge as versatile swimmers who can also apply the lessons learned through swimming in life.
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